Learning to cultivate your life energies is the beginning of a way of life that is
healing, illuminating, empowering and liberating"
Hidden Secrets of Real Health            
 Stephen and Lynda Kane,
creators of the powerful
Energy Awareness 
methods of
life energy transformation.
And authors of
"Hidden Secrets of
Real Health."

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Kind comments from
Shendo training graduates  . . .

"The weekend was absolutely Amazing - totally inspiring!  You provided us with an absolute wealth of the most amazing information and life changing tools.

It was an incredible 2 days. How fantastically generous you both are in sharing your extraordinary knowledge. It is so empowering (and a huge relief) to be given these tools of energy awareness instead of fumbling in the dark not quite knowing the effect of ones decisions. Thank you so very much"

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"Many thanks  for a fantastic course - I'm  still fairly mind-blown by it! So many health problems have cleared up - and I'm feeling so much better - I no longer need to see the practitioner I've been seeing for three years"

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"This is a way you can learn how to manage your own health and pick the right medicine, treatment, coach or therapist for YOU - with incredible results. I've trained with Stephen and Lynda and they're great . . . I can make decisions based on what energetically is right for me."

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"I am a healer and I thought I knew some of the energy methods as I am very sensitive to energies around me. [But] the training was completely different to anything I have learnt with my healing organisation. It will enhance what I do now"

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Yesterday I had a client for EFT and was amazed as part way through I realised I could actually feel her energy and the effects affirmations were having - i.e. whether they would alter her energy positively or have no effect. It was so strong that the session was brilliant and I was really able to help the client.
Just wanted to let you know and to say thanks. This alone will change the way I am able to work with this therapy.

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"... it's different to anything else and was so challenging to my beliefs and self-perceptions It far surpassed my expectations - I certainly didn't expect a course that  is changing how I look at who I (really) am and how I make my choices in life. Unlike many approaches that just might make you feel better but don't really change the problems, I am changed and am different."

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". . . I'd just like to say thank you for such a transformational experience - I go to many trainings/seminars/workshops but never come away feeling I've got something profound for me, for my life and for the benefit of those around me by the knock-on effects of living one's life with intent.

The gifts you imparted were not only empowering they were given with such integrity and generosity of spirit that they are too valuable and precious to ever think of discarding . . .  I look forward to many more trainings . . . they feel like 'coming home'  to an awareness that we have all strayed too far from!"

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"When I look back a few months, all areas of my life are so much better. Now my goal is to be as aware as you guys!"

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"Many thanks  for a fantastic course -  I'm  still fairly mind-blown by it! - so many health problems have cleared up - and I'm feeling so much better - I no longer need to see the practitioner I've been seeing for three years"

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"The training was above and beyond anything I'd expected. I only wish I'd had all this when I was young. I wouldn't have missed this weekend for anything!"

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My energy is much more stable and my awareness far increased! - I just wish I’d found you sooner and hadn’t had to suffer for so many years without proper help."
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"The workshop was beyond my expectations. The information was perfect. The training was excellent."

We are pleased to announce the 2019

Shendo Training
from the School of Energy Awareness

the 36th Year of

Living with Energy Awareness
 Day 2    Recover and Protect Your Energy

19th and 20th September, Brighton, UK


“I wanted let [you] know how much I  got out of the training and how glad I am that I attended. I've been  using the [techniques] a lot on myself and my family with very effective results!” SL, UK

Recover and Protect Your Energy

The second day of Shendo 1- Recover And Protect Your Energy - teaches you how to apply your awakening energy awareness (learnt on Shendo Day 1 - Awaken Your Energy Awareness) to chronic or acute symptoms or health problems. And to manage your own health pro-actively by recognising the most effective ways to protect and maintain your health ki.
The healing and health energy awareness protocols we teach in this training can be applied to any kind of healing method whatsoever - diet, exercise, herbs, meditation, nutritional supplements, medical drugs, bodywork, counseling, homeopathic remedies, crystals, or anything else at all.
If you are a practitioner, you can also use your healing energy awareness to develop extraordinary awareness of the effects of any technique you use. You can thus refine your learned protocols with a precise awareness of how applicable any potential intervention is for each  client.                                      
“I feel very empowered - I have the tools to fix just about anything I come up against in the future. They are very simple techniques but they have very powerful and profound results. Plus, this is going to save me a LOT of money and wasted time!" [from the 2018 LWEA Training]

But you don't need to be a practitioner to develop your healing energy awareness and thus master your own health management in new and powerful ways. Even in the 1980's, we saw builders, bakers, housewives, accountants, etc. achieve remarkable results for their or their children's health problems - migraines, eczema, food allergies, arthritis, etc. - that hadn't responded to professional interventions. 

In fact, anyone who follows their healing shendo - the process of developing one's healing energy awareness - eventually discovers they can resolve many health issues that previously would have required time and/or money spent on professional help, often with disappointing outcomes.

"The Living With Energy Awareness Training is the best thing I have ever done! Finally, a way to follow one's own inner guidance accurately without being bound by other people's dogmas" [2018 LWEA Training]

Some of the subjects covered in Recover And Protect Your Energy include . . .

     •     The energy flow that underlies every on-going symptom or disease - the more you are aware of it the more you can reduce it, and thus your health problem(s)

     •     The energy flows underlying every successful treatment - your awareness of these flows determines your ability to recognise a treatment that's worth pursuing. This alone can save you a lot of time, money and side-effects

     •     Correcting the universally unrecognised condition, suffered by everyone, that leads to symptoms or illness and increasingly obstructs full recovery     

      •    Avoiding harm - how to avoid money or time-consuming treatments or remedies that won't work for you or will even harm you

     •     Energy protection - how to protect and seal your energy body so you become less and less vulnerable to environmental stresses and other people’s energy

     •     Being open to solutions - how to cultivate the energy to recognise and attract into your life what or who you need to get well again

     •     Optimal nutrition - how to discover the sustaining, strengthening and enhancing foods and supplements that will make a profound difference to your health and well-being - and those that will just get in the way

          How to cultivate your healing resonance with others to become increasingly effective in helping them with their health issues

     •     The healing shendo - healing as a way of life and spiritual development. In-depth healing always generates higher energy fortunes. Learn how to turn whatever goes ‘wrong' into energy for a higher quality of life

As your healing energy awareness unfolds and develops over the day you will also be progressing your personal energy awareness - the ways in which you experience being aware. This parallel development of personal higher awareness and its practical applications is intrinsic to the Shendo process.

"The training was brilliant . . . I've been much more attuned to both my and my family's health . . . I'm more aware of my own energy too, with a clearer sense of how my energy's doing from moment to moment . . . the day-to-day integration and application feels very grounded and fun! . . . a very big thank-you to Stephen & Lynda for another life-changing, energy-ascending, empowerment-giving training!" NF, UK

Living with Energy Awareness 

  Investment for Life - £387.00

-10% for members of the Way of Life.
-5% for Early Bird bookings before 21st July, 2019
-5% (cumulative) for couples
-5% (cumulative) if booking the Vision Feng Shui Training at the same time

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For more information call:

+1 415 992 7529 (USA)
   +44 (0)207 617 7521 (UK)

  (Also contact us if you wish to discuss part payments
after securing your place with a deposit)
After registration you will receive additional information about the course, what to bring and details of the location, etc.. Gift yourself the opportunity.

It's an experience you won't forget!


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“I didn't realize it was going to change my life!” CdG, UK

Stephen and Lynda have worked together since 1986, creating and delivering Life Energy Awareness trainings for awakening talents and developing a concrete higher awareness. They now work with individuals all over the world through their online empowerment training, the Way of Life (aka. the Shendo) and personal mentoring program, Vision Life Coaching. These programs are for those who aspire to go beyond therapy, healing, philosophies or practices based on traditional cultural or religious axioms.

Instead, you can now discover how to recognise and respect the profound guidance constantly emanating from deep within your own energy body and from the world around you.

In addition to supporting shendo practitioners, Stephen and Lynda moderate the Life Energy Awareness Forum, write an occasional blog, book or article, offer uniquely powerful technology for energy protection and cultivation, and provide various energy awareness-based consultations including Energy Solutions, Decision Decisions, the FEAST and the Living Home.

"I feel really positive . . . I feel like I've finally got the missing piece of a puzzle which I've been looking for for some time now. Thank you!"  [2018 LWEA Training]

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