Learning to cultivate your life energies is the beginning of a way of life that is
healing, illuminating, empowering and liberating"
Hidden Secrets of Real Health            
 Stephen and Lynda Kane,
creators of the powerful
Energy Awareness 
methods of
life energy transformation.
And authors of
"Hidden Secrets of
Real Health."

kind comments from
Shendo practitioners

"I'm so grateful to you for providing such an incredibly profound and life-changing training. Your work with energy has given me practical techniques for transforming my life in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I've already experienced how some of your very simple techniques can have a major effect on health, stopping one problem - within a week - I'd had almost daily for 7 months"

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"The trainings you have created and the empowerments you give are the most precious gifts I've ever been given. My prayers for a true path were answered when I met you. Thank you for doing what you do."

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"At last, after years of trying all sorts of different ways of living - this is where it has all been leading. With my increasing energy awareness I am now able to begin to experience my Spirit - who I really am. A truly transformational weekend."  

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"I am a healer and I thought I knew some of the energy methods as I am very sensitive to energies around me. [But] the training was completely different to anything I have learnt with my healing organisation. It will enhance what I do now"

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Yesterday I had a client for EFT and was amazed as part way through I realised I could actually feel her energy and the effects affirmations were having - i.e. whether they would alter her energy positively or have no effect. It was so strong that the session was brilliant and I was really able to help the client. Just wanted to let you know and to say thanks. This alone will change the way I am able to work with this therapy.

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"... It's different to anything else and was so challenging to my beliefs and self-perceptions. It far surpassed my expectations - I certainly didn't expect a course that  is changing how I look at who I (really) am and how I make my choices in life. Unlike many approaches that just might make you feel better but don't really change the problems, I am changed and am different."
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". . . I'd just like to say thank you for such a transformational experience - I go to many trainings/seminars/workshops but never come away feeling I've got something profound for me, for my life and for the benefit of those around me by the knock-on effects of living one's life with intent. 
The gifts you imparted were not only empowering they were given with such integrity and generosity of spirit that they are too valuable and precious to ever think of discarding . . .  I look forward to many more trainings . . . they feel like 'coming home' to an awareness we have all strayed too far from!"

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"When I look back a few months, all areas of my life are so much better. Now my goal is to be as aware as you guys!"

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"Many thanks  for a fantastic course -  I'm  still fairly mind-blown by it! - so many health problems have cleared up - and I'm feeling so much better - I no longer need to see the practitioner I've been seeing for three years" 

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"The training was above and beyond anything I'd expected. I only wish I'd had all this when I was young. I wouldn't have missed this weekend for anything!"

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"My energy is much more stable and my awareness far increased! - I just wish I’d found you sooner and hadn’t had to suffer for so many years without proper help."
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"The workshop was beyond my expectations. The information was perfect. The training was excellent." 

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"Your techniques have helped me enormously. I've learnt to recognise what gives me energy and what drains it and have been able to let go of attachments to people and other sources of stress that were keeping me stuck in a life I didn't want to live. Without your loving support, I doubt I'd be living the happy, successful life I have today."

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“Of all the workshops I have been to, this one has given me new ways to truly help myself - the rewards can be beyond expectations” 

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"Since the Living With Energy Awareness Training, I've never felt so serene, calm and optimistic as I do now."

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"I attended the Energy Awareness Training ... which was amazing. And then had a personal consultation with Lynda and Stephen, which was doubly amazing!"

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"I am actually living it for a start! Just got the job I want working with kids. I am enjoying life, romantic options are appearing in magical, synchronous ways, friendships are becoming deeper . . . and most importantly I am starting to actually love myself."
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"Energy Awareness is what I have been searching for all of my life . . . I came away learning so much more than I expected which made the entire experience worthwhile and not to mention how wonderful it was to leave with a strong sense of empowerment."
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"I am really looking forward to the Shendo material and Stephen's deeper explanations about the Way of Life. It is incredibly valuable and I feel so very lucky to have found you both"
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" . . . [I am] now seeing the world in another dimension that should be recognised by everyone." 

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"Thank you so very much for  this weekend. Can't believe how strong my energy is tonight....me who almost collapses most evenings! So a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to you both."

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"It was a fantastic training - really unique - and will be incredibly useful in my life."

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"It made such a difference, overnight! I didn't want to leave. Every time I used your techniques I immediately felt better"

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"I absolutely enjoyed the Energy Awareness Training weekend with you. You have been most inspiring and motivating with all that you have to offer, which is vast on all levels . . . For me it has been a ‘re-awakening’ and provided me exactly with what I need at this time in my life. And I am still thrilled and utterly grateful to have met you and also getting a glimpse of the extent your work. Thank you!"

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"It was an unbelievably great weekend. I have never been on a better training. It was a heavenly experience"

Shendo Training
from the School of Energy Awareness

the 39th year of

Living with Energy Awareness

Day 1    Awaken Your Energy Awareness

June 24th & 25th, 2023 - FULL -  Seaford, UK

"Please know how special and empowering this was for me. Brilliant. The best thing I've ever done.
My energy is much better since the training ... the manual is a mine of information and revelations." Felicity L., UK

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Health, Wealth, Work, Relationships, Creativity ...
discover how you can . . .

change your energy to change your life

We all experience challenges we find hard to resolve . . . .

  • Allergies (or hypersensitivities) to foods, airborne allergens, environmental stresses (e.g. mobile phones or wifi), other people's energies, sounds, lights, colours ...

  • Health problems - digestive disorders, aches and pains, rashes, insomnia ...

  • Relationship difficulties - parents, children, friends, partners, teachers, bosses, employees ...

  • Confusion or indecision - not knowing what to do, overwhelm ...

  • Fatigue - feeling run down, brain fog, just too tired to function ...

  • Lack of abundance - difficulty making ends meet, not being able to afford things you need

  • Anxiety or Depression - feeling insecure, concerned about what might go wrong, dwelling on past events, not seeing much point in anything ...

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    Your Energy Is Your Life

    We have found, over many years of Shendo practice, that our health wealth, relationships, creativity, work, security and other life experiences all reflect the kinds and quantities of energy flowing through our bodies. And that by cultivating your energy, you can transform your life and awaken your hidden potential.

    All of 'who you are' - your abilities, qualities, strengths and weaknesses - are the products of certain energies in your body. And each problem you ever experience reflects your lack of an energy you really need in your life.

    Changing your energies will change your life.  START TODAY by reserving your place on this illuminating, once-in-a-lifetime training.

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. . . and we naturally look for causes and solutions that 'make sense' to our minds. But the mind - whether ours or an expert's - only knows so much. So problems become a growing presence in our lives as we (and others) run out of ideas for effective solutions. 

We have been able to help thousands of people from all over the world overcome all kinds of challenges - often suffered for many years without effective help - by applying our awareness of their energy . . .  

. . . or by helping them awaken and develop their own energy awareness. And then change their energy to change their life (including their health, relationships, wealth, etc .).

"I am hugely grateful for the incredible ways you have devised for us to grow. It’s truly effective and not some New Age feel good thing." P.V, USA  

Whenever you experience any kind of stress, disturbance or problem, you are experiencing the result of a lack of energy of one kind or another. Our (energy) body is constantly 'speaking' to us about what is going on with our energy. But we rarely have the awareness to 'hear' what it's 'saying.' In short, we're not sufficiently energy-aware.

. . . if we were, we'd be able to see how to resolve the problem . . .

In fact, we meet many people who have meditated for years, are expert ‘energy’ practitioners or health professionals, who have been able to help others in all kinds of ways, but still find themselves feeling stuck because they have unwittingly allowed some of their own life energies to lose direction and become run-down. As a result, they lack the energy they need themselves to change some aspect of their own life (e.g. to experience more vitality, happiness or success).

We have been teaching the simple yet extraordinarily powerful Shendo personal energy awareness development process since 1983. The practices taught in Awaken Your Energy Awareness go far beyond all the usual energy testing techniques and lead to your own direct perception of human and environmental energies without depending on vague or intuitive interpretations of your experiences.

   " . . . it’s an empowering training where everyone in the room was able to . . . experience some part of their energy body . . . by the end of the weekend. To be able to tangibly experience this, in such a short space of time, in my opinion is THE most empowering part - of being able to leave the training knowing that if the practices are continued magic will happen. As energies change lives change." N.W. (Wave magazine) UK

    The first day of the Shendo training, Awaken Your Energy Awareness, includes . . .   

  • How to cut through the confusions that arise in your life - and start making decisions based on seeing what is really right for you
  • Developing your higher awareness - but without the belief systems and rituals so often included in many forms of personal or spiritual development
  • Awakening or increasing your sense of life energy - plus understanding more about how it actually works, how it affects your life and how to cultivate your own energy to bring more power, focus, happiness and success into each area of your life
  • Cultivating your awareness of how to help others more effectively. No matter what you do for a living or any other area of your life, you can be more effective by being more aware of the energy of your choices. The more you cultivate your awareness the more you will see, in advance, how your actions or advice will affect others. So you can be of maximum possible benefit.

"I have been following the Shendo for a few years. I first did the Energy Awareness Training about 7 years ago now! . . . It has been, and is, a totally transforming process and has brought me so much that I could never have anticipated." H.J, USA

Awaken Your Energy Awareness includes clear explanations of human and environmental energies and many unique demonstrations of how they affect you and your life. Each participant receives personal guidance and support. You will leave the training with a complete set of tools that you can use for the rest of your life. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to see the effects of all your choices on your future . . . foods, relationships, exercises, remedies, colours, clothes, jewellery, therapies, teachers, local environments, places to live, possessions or meditations that weaken or strengthen your energy

  • Moving from confusion to wisdom - seeing through the haze of conflicting knowledge, opinion and belief about what is ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ to knowing what really works for you. 
  • Avoiding the trap of intuition - just because it feels right doesn't mean it is right. You will leave the training able to tell how anything is going to affect your energy and the decisions that are right for you. Even the most experienced 'energy testers' are surprised by their results
  • Moving from testing energy to direct energy awareness. Why becoming concretely aware of your energy is the only way to really understand the effects of your decisions and actions on you, your life and others. 
  • Recognising your heart relationships. Many love relationships are based on weakening, energy-draining connections. Awaken Your Energy Awareness includes a simple means of recognising relationships that nourish your heart chakra - the seat of your essential 'you.'
  • Leaving past stresses behind - how to release burdens of residual fear, anger, sorrow or other such stresses left over from past traumas or relationships. Accumulated stress weakens your health, happiness, relationships, career, etc. now. Time to let it go.
  • Awakening your whole energy body awareness - conventional energy tests typically unbalance the energy of the practitioner applying the test. The result is ungrounded awareness, damage to the energy body (we treat many professional dowsers and kinesiologists who have been affected by their testing methods) and, more often than not, permanent dependence on the test itself. 

By gradually awakening your whole energy body awareness, both during and after the training, you will become increasingly receptive to new energies that not only balance and heal your life but continue to expand your awareness and talents ('personal powers') in new and sometimes extraordinary ways.

"I've been on many courses where half-way through I think, why did I waste my money on this course? This was the first course, forever, where that hasn't happened. It's been amazing - the things I've seen and experienced have been amazing. I started to see people's energy and auras - fantastic!" YR, Ireland

Because a great deal of attention is given to the individual empowerment process for each participant in Awaken Your Energy Awareness, course numbers are kept relatively small. Whether you're an energy expert or completely new to it all, your first Shendo training will be an eye-opening experience, full of gifts you can use, (sometimes to startling effect), for the rest of your life.

We invite you to join us in this life-changing and illuminating experience

Through unique teachings, exercises and other practices that you won't find anywhere else, Awaken Your Energy Awareness provides you with the opportunity to gradually awaken your essential creativity and dormant talents - the psycho-energetic abilities we're all born with but which never find expression in most people's lives.

". . . my experience of awakening my essential creativity with Stephen and Lynda . . . has been the most important change in my life . . . Awakening my essential creativity has totally changed my feelings about myself, my abilities and how I can be of service." J.K. USA

Living With Energy Awareness - Awaken Your Energy Awareness with Recover and Protect Your Energy - is the introductory training to . . .
The Rainbow of Happiness July 8th and 9th
The Healing with Energy Awareness Training - TBA
The Shendo - our premier, online personal and spiritual empowerment training  

Living with Energy Awareness 

 Investment for Life - £299.00

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For more information call:

+44 (0)759 544 3139

After registration you will receive additional information about the course, what to bring and details of the location, etc.. Gift yourself the opportunity
"It's a training for life!"

For details of Day 2 - 
Recover and Protect your Energy


"It was a most wonderful weekend – for once I can truly say it was an experience and not just information. I feel truly empowered and sense its continuation in my life... it really is life changing! THANK YOU is not enough...I don’t want to sound over the top, but I have such admiration for the work you are doing" CB., UK

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Book your personal Life Energy Solutions consultation around the training weekend in Brighton. Also consider The Living Home consultation for optimising the energies of your home, office or clinic

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Stephen and Lynda have worked together since 1986, creating and delivering the Shendo (Life Energy Awareness) trainings for awakening your dormant talents and developing grounded, higher awareness. They now work with shendo practitioners all over the world through their online empowerment training, the Way of Life, with optional personal mentoring - Vision Life Coaching. These programs are for those who aspire to go beyond therapy or spiritual practices limited by traditional, cultural or religious beliefs.

This Way, you can discover how to recognise and respect the profound guidance constantly emanating from deep within your own energy body and from the world around you.

In addition to supporting shendo practitioners, Stephen and Lynda moderate the Life Energy Awareness Forum, write an occasional blog, book or article, offer unique, powerful technology for energy protection and cultivation, and provide various energy awareness-based consultations including Energy Solutions, Decision Decisions, and the Living Home.

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